How To Write A Check With Cents

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Personal checks have become a less common sort of payment in recent years, as credit and debit cards, and even telephone payments became more popular. However, checks can still be a useful thanks to transfer money from one account to a different — whether you’re paying rent or giving a lover a marriage present. Learning the way to write a check properly with dollar and cent amounts is extremely important to reducing your risk of fraud or check refusal.

Formatting the Dollar and Cent Amounts

Fill within the “amount” box with a numeric amount. The quantity box is found on the proper side of the check, below the “Date” line and to the proper of the “Pay to the Order Of” line. It’s a logo to the left of it indicating the currency — $ or £, for instance. During this box, write out the quantity of the check you would like to write down using numbers.

Separate the dollar amount and therefore the cent amount with a percentage point — 47.50, for instance.

Write out the textual amount, albeit it’s very large

An amount for several hundred, a thousand, or maybe million dollars should still be written call at words on the acceptable line. This might mean you’ve got to write down with a very small script, so confirm you’ve got enough room.

  • Correct: two million, five hundred fifty-two thousand, eight hundred forty-seven dollars and 00/100 ——.
  • Incorrect: 2,552,847 dollars and 00/100 ——————.

Filling out the Non-Monetary Fields

Fill within the “Pay to the Order Of” line. This line is true above the road where you filled within the textual amount of the check. Here, you’ll write the name of the person or company to whom you’re writing the check. Always use the complete legal name of the person or company, as nicknames might cause problems once they attempt to deposit the check. For instance, if your friend Smith goes by the name “Buddy,” use the legal name instead of the nickname.

To be safe, always ask who a check should be made bent . The one that will deposit the check are going to be ready to offer you the right legal name.

Include optional information on the “Memo” line

The Memo line is at the rock bottom left-hand side of the check, and it is often left empty unless you’ve got specific information you’d wish to share there. Often, people use this line to notice the rationale for the check: “Babysitting,” “Groceries,” or “Happy Birthday!” this may assist you remember what the check was for if you would like to account for it at a later date. However, you’ll also use the memo line to supply the person receiving the ask information, they could get to file and process it.

  • If you’re paying rent to a landlord with many renters, you would possibly list your address within the memo to remind them which unit you rent.
  • If you’re paying a utility bill, you’ll include your customer account number on the memo line.
  • The memo line is optional, and may be left blank.

Sign the check

The signature line is directly across from the memo line, at the rock bottom right-hand corner of the check. It’s vital that you simply provide your signature exactly because it looks on the signature card you provided to the bank once you first opened your account. If you’ve changed your signature significantly since opening the account, you ought to let your bank know. Otherwise, the person trying to cash the check might run into problems cashing the check, or maybe be accused of trying to forge your signature.

Never sign a blank check. If you break down, anyone could pick it up, then fill in their name and an outsized amount of cash. If the check has your signature thereon, they might steal tons of cash from you!


Confirm to fill out the payment information in your register. This may assist you to stay an honest record of the payment and balance your check book.
Always use a pen to write down checks, in order that nothing are often changed.

How To Write A Check With Cents

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