How to Write a Craft Blog

If you’re a fanatical crafter, blogging could also be an excellent outlet for you to speak about your hobby. Before creating your own blog site, first take a while to plan out new content for your potential readers. Once you’ve got a group posting schedule in situ, develop and publish your site online. Use your new platform to post a spread of articles which will interest and have interaction to new readers!

Step 1: Decide if you would like a Self Hosted Blog/Website

The first step, before we will do anything , is to make a decision if you would like a self hosted blog or website, or if you would like to borrow some free space on another blogging website.

If you don’t have extra cash to spare, you’ll easily found out a blog on or Both have the power to make a free website to urge you started. If you’re unsure if blogging is for you, and you only want to check the waters, this is often probably the choice you’ll want to start out with.

To be fair, there are a few downsides to doing it this manner . (Isn’t that always the way it’s when something is free?)

For one, if you go the free route you can’t have your own name – a flowery way of claiming your own website URL. rather than you’ll have something like or

This isn’t a drag if you’re just testing out blogging, or sharing a couple of blogs with friends, but if you hope to launch a business you’ll definitely want your own name and hosting. It’s more professional, gives you more freedom, and can allow you to do things like found out a store on your website to sell your handmade goods.

For two, you don’t get tons of control over your website. You’ll be limited in how you’ll design your website, what you’ll placed on your website, and the way you’ll use it. You’re getting free space in any case , so it’s understandable that there’ll be limits.

For three, if you ever decide you would like to modify from your patch of free space to the larger wider world of getting your own website, it are often a mega pain. Almost everyone i do know who went this manner had to rent someone to assist them.

So if the free plan is for you, and you’re confident you won’t want to line up a store on your site, and therefore the limitations of it’ll still allow you to do what you would like – choose it! Head over to at least one of these sites and click on the button to get started building your own website. They’ll take you through step-by-step instructions of how you’ll get found out .

If however you’ve been brooding about having your own business, opening up your own shop, and therefore the idea of getting your own .com has you excited, then self-hosting otherwise referred to as owning your own website, may be a better bet.

It’s what I did, albeit i used to be n’t entirely sure where I was going with it initially . But I’m so glad I did.

Step 2: the way to Get Self-Hosted

If you made it to Step 2, I’m getting to assume you’ve decided, like I did, to possess your own website.

The next thing you’ll got to do, is get a hosting company. There are many different companies out there that provide this service, and you would possibly have already got one in mind. If you haven’t I’ll explain a touch more and provides you my recommendation.

A hosting service may be a company that gives space on a server for your website to exist. Where or provides you with free apartment space, a number provides you with something more sort of a home. You own it, and it’s yours to do with what you would like . But that also means there’s a price .

Again, if you’re just looking to get started, you’ll start small to offer it a try. Unlike with free sites, deciding you would like more doesn’t need to involve a huge move with many technical expertise. It generally just means you pay a touch more down the road.

Most hosting services have small starter packages to urge you started that are very affordable and have quite enough space.

I personally use SiteGround and recommend them wholeheartedly. they provide incredibly affordable hosting packages to get started, and that they have great customer service that’s super helpful and patient with all of your questions.

Their begin Plan is merely $3.95 a month, and you’ll head up here to get started!

Click “Get Plan” to get started.

It’ll take you to subsequent page which can ask you for your domain. you’ll either get one elsewhere , otherwise you can register one with them for $15.95. this is often another personal decision, although I’ll give two other little tidbits of data .

Some people require keeping this stuff separate just in case you ever want to vary hosting companies, which is fair advice. But, it’ll require an additional step within the process of fixing your site if you select to not buy it from your host. So if you’re going for easy, just grab the domain while you found out your host. you’ll also move it later.

(If you are doing plan to catch on elsewhere , i like to recommend using Namecheap as they typically charge a touch but the hosting company would for the domain.)

Step 3: choose a website Name for Your Craft Blog

You’ll want your name to be something you wish a lot, as you’ll be using it for awhile, handing it bent people, and if you’re choosing to line up a craft business, it’ll be the location that you simply give to customers.

Pick a site name you wish and see if its available. you would possibly need to come up with a few ideas, as many common names are already taken.

Step 4: Purchase Your Hosting Service

After you’ve put in your name , it’ll take you to subsequent page where you’ll got to put in account details like email address and password and your mastercard information.

The next page should appear as if this, only with the name you chose rather than this made up one I used for this demo:

Enter within the email and password of your choice and proceed to subsequent screen. (And confirm you reserve it somewhere so you’ll reference it later once you need it!)

Then you’ll got to enter your information and your mastercard info:

Then you’ll got to choose the amount of your time you would like .

You can choose 1, 12, 24 or 36 months. this is often the thing i really like about SiteGround – with the exception of selecting one month (where you’ll need to pay a 15 dollar found out fee) it’s an equivalent price per month regardless of what percentage months you select . Most hosts charge you more if you would like anything but 36 months. And let’s be honest, when you’re first starting out its hard to plan beyond 12 months!

So, I’d recommend choosing the 12 month option, but if you’re feeling confident – choose a extended time if you wish! It’s definitely an honest deal because you’ll keep the discount for extended .

Next up is that the Extra Services screen.

You can pick which extras you wish . The domain privacy may be a good one to possess , because once you register a website if you don’t have domain privacy people can find your personal information, just like the home address you wont to register. I highly recommend it!

Then click “PAY NOW”

Then you’ll log in to your account, and you’ll be taken inside. You’re getting super on the brink of having your blog up and prepared to travel – are you excited yet?

Step 5: Install WordPress on Your Craft Blog

Next, we’re getting to assist you get WordPress installed. WordPress may be a “content management system”. That’s fancy language meaning is a framework for your blog in order that you’ll have a gorgeous and functional website without having to understand any HTML.

For those folks that aren’t uber techie, it’s amazing. Plus, there’s plenty of ways to configure it to what you would like – but we’ll get thereto during a minute.

Like i used to be saying, you’ll want to get into your account.

Once in you’ll see a screen like this one.Click on CPANEL:

You’ll see an enormous panel of options and you would like to travel under the one that says “WORDPRESS TOOLS”. You’ll see an enormous W and it’ll say “WordPress Installer”. Click that and follow the prompts.

Once WordPress is installed, you’ll get taken to your WordPress login screen which seems like this:

Log in, and you’re ready . you’ve got your own website, and now you only need to start creating it.

How to Write a Craft Blog

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