How To Write A Loan Agreement Between Friends

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If you’re just loaning a lover a couple of bucks for lunch, you almost certainly do not feel the necessity to write down up any quite formal agreement. But if you are going to be providing your friend with a more substantial loan – like to open a business, pay off a debt, or make a deposit on a car or house – it is vital to place your agreement in writing. Treating the loan as a business transaction instead of an easy favor may increase the chances that your friend will actually pay you back, and ensures the agreement is enforceable in court if problems arise.

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How to Borrow from Friends or Family

The main advantage of receiving a loan from a lover or loved one is that your “lender” is more likely to be flexible about the quantity borrowed and payment arrangements. meaning you’ll borrow 100% of the quantity you would like at a really low-interest rate – possibly 0% — and obtain a reasonable monthly repayment schedule.

Treat a private loan issued by a beloved with an equivalent respect and professionalism as you’d a loan from a bank. If you propose to borrow money from a bank, depository financial institution or other financial institution , you already know you want to be prepared to sign a legal contract outlining your obligations to the lender: On time payments until the loan is paid fully . This contract is named a note .

Negotiating Terms

Meet face to face . If possible, meet face to face together with your friend to debate the loan, instead of counting on a phone conversation.

  • Meeting face to face allows you both to watch each other’s visual communication and tone of voice as you discuss various aspects of the loan.
  • If your friend lives distant from you, or a face-to-face agreement isn’t possible for a few other reason, discussing the matter over email is preferable to a phone conversation, because you’ve got a written account of the negotiations.
  • once you meet together with your friend, take notes on the items you discuss so you’ve got something you’ll ask as you write up the agreement.

Making the Agreement Official

Review the agreement together with your friend. Both of you ought to read the agreement and confirm you’ve got an equivalent understanding of the terms.

  • Once you’ve proofread your agreement and made any necessary changes, you’re able to print the agreement for both of you to sign.

Sign your agreement

To reinforce your agreement’s enforceability, you’ll sign it together ahead of a notary .

  • Typically you’ll find a notary at your bank, the courthouse, or at many shipping companies like UPS. If you do not know where to seek out a notary near you, visit a web directory like and perform an enquiry .
  • The notary can pay alittle fee for his services, usually but $10. Each state features a law that sets the utmost fees a notary can charge for various notarial services.
  • Both you and your friend must sign the agreement for it to be legally binding. If you reside far apart, this might mean you’ve got to sign the agreement yourself, then mail it to your friend to sign.
  • If you’ve got to mail the agreement to your friend to sign, use certified mail returned receipt requested, or a personal delivery service which will require a signature for acceptance of the document.
  • After your friend has signed, confirm you get the first with both signatures back. to make sure this happens, you would possibly consider including a postage-paid envelope. Regardless, don’t send any money to your friend until you’ve got the first contract back.
How To Write A Loan Agreement Between Friends

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