How To Write A Settlement Proposal

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A settlement proposal most commonly refers to an attempt by a person in debt to reduce or eliminate their debt by proposing an alternate to paying the complete debt to the creditor. Proposing a settlement may be a good idea for somebody who is considering bankruptcy or who seems like they will pay some, but not all, of a debt. Creditors are often hospitable settlement proposals as they provide an alternate to settling a debt which may otherwise go unpaid. The steps below will guide you on the way to write a settlement proposal and seek good terms for a partial or full debt reduction.

What to think about when writing a debt settlement proposal letter

When proposing a full and final debt settlement to creditors, it’s important you set about this within the right way. this suggests sending a written letter explaining how you would like to settle your debt, what proportion you’re offering to pay and when this will be paid by.

Your debt settlement proposal letter must be formal and clearly state your intentions, also as what you expect from your creditors. you ought to also include all the key information your creditor will got to locate your account on their system, which includes:

  • Your full name used on the account
  • Your full address
  • Any account numbers or reference numbers that are linked to your account

Creditors should be ready to use these to seek out all of your relevant information and ensure who you’re once they receive your debt settlement proposal.

1. Decide which debt you would like to settle and therefore the amount you’ll pay

you ought to choose a debt that’s long overdue and which the creditor might reasonably expect won’t be paid back.

2. Decide on a figure for your settlement

generally , a debt settlement should be about half the entire amount owed.

3. Propose payment terms

Propose payment terms, including whether you’re seeking a cancellation of the debt or just a debt reduction and offer a payment schedule.

4. Debt settlement proposal letter template

For many folks , writing a letter can feel very strange during this digital age – especially when it’s such a crucial one. To help, we’ve created an example of a debt settlement proposal letter below that you simply can use as a guide.

Simply copy and paste this into a Word document and fill out the blank sections or tailor it to fit your needs:

This letter clearly states your intentions and what you would like the creditor to try to to . We recommend you follow an equivalent structure or use this as a template if you would like to supply a debt settlement.

If the creditor accepts your offer, ensure this is often in writing before you send any money to them. Keep this written confirmation safe too just in case there’s any dispute within the future, so you’ll offer this as proof of the agreement.

It’s important to recollect that if you agree early your debt, this suggests you’re not paying it fully then it’ll show as partially settled on your credit report rather than settled. this will affect your ability to get credit within the future, because it suggests to future creditors that you simply might not be ready to pay back the complete amount borrowed.

5. Request

Request, in exchange for a debt settlement, that the creditor remove mention of the debt in your credit report and make an honest effort to enhance your credit rating.

Close the letter by reiterating that you simply aren’t ready to pay off the debt, which this settlement proposal represents your best effort to offer the creditor something. Request that the creditor respond in writing to your proposal, indicating their acceptance, refusal, or request for brand spanking new terms.


  • Be forthright and honest about your financial situation. Although creditors will want to possess a number of your money instead of lose all of it through an unpaid loan, they’re going to also refuse a proposal that seems in bad faith or which represents an insufficient effort pay off the debt.
  • an honest debt settlement proposal will offer to pay from 40 to 60 percent of the entire debt. confirm that you simply offer somewhat but you’re prepared to pay, as you’ll got to negotiate together with your creditor, increasing the quantity of your payment in exchange for more generous payment terms or an improved credit rating.
How To Write A Settlement Proposal

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