How To Write To HM Queen Elizabeth II

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Queen Elizabeth II has been a vital discern of the arena for over 1/2 of a century. Whether you stay with inside the United Kingdom or some other country, a letter might be an incredible manner of displaying your recognize to her. You need to be respectful and well-mannered in a letter. To write to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, ensure you comply with all to be had protocol, even though all the regulations aren’t always mandatory.

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Reaching Her Majesty and Writing a Salutation

Outline your ideas. Make a defined of precisely what subjects you want to mention on your letter to higher organize. Include an order of what you want to accomplish, so that you are centered on your approach. For every bullet item, make sub-bullets to in addition make clear every point.

  • Be certain to divide your mind with distinct sorts of bullets, such as Roman numerals, lowercase letters, and numbers.

Manage expectations. The Queen gets a huge quantity of mail, and it’s courteous to recollect the quantity of mail Her Majesty gets. It might now no longer be irrelevant to invite for a solution or a response, even though one isn’t likely. Do now no longer anticipate a response from Her Majesty. If you’re fortunate sufficient to get hold of a response, it will likely be signed through the Lady-in-Waiting or The Queen’s authentic writers.

Writing the Letter Body

Draft the frame of your letter. In a well-mannered, formal tone, country your motive in reality and concisely. It is courteous to in short tell the reader of the overall motive of your letter, comply with an in depth explanation, then end with a précis or very last plea. Be cautious of what you write, however. The Queen is a constitutional monarch, so letters to her inquiring for non-public or political aid of any type are ill-advised.

  • A right tone: “I desire to tell you of a vital incidence I accept as true with merits your attention.”
  • A wrong tone: “I call for that my nearby soccer affiliation get recognition!”

Closing and Sending Your Letter

Sign off properly. Quickly summarize your request (e.g. Thank you for thinking about the popularity request for any such deserving citizen.). Then, in case you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, you need to give up the letter with “I actually have the respect to remain, Madam, Your Majesty’s maximum humble and obedient servant.” You can also update the phrase servant with subject. If you aren’t a citizen of the U.K., pick a deferential final which includes one of the following:

  • Yours Truly works flawlessly due to the fact it’s normally used while sending a letter to a person of stature.
  • Yours Sincerely is likewise a general final line.


  • If typing the letter, you, should nevertheless signal it through hand.
  • Make certain you write in a direct line.
  • Make certain your penmanship is exquisite; otherwise, it is a great concept to kind it.
  • Make certain the envelope and paper healthy.


  • Remember, The Queen receives loads a mail every day and won’t in my view examine yours. However, she values all individuals who make the effort and attempt to supply a letter for her.
How To Write To HM Queen Elizabeth II

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