The Best Ways To Bid At An Auction

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An auction is an exciting day out, and you might find something special to require home. It’s quite specialist method of buying, so it’s good to understand the ins and outs in advance.

In Person

If you’ll attend the auction room on the day, you’re ready to bid face to face .

  • once you arrive, collect a replica of the addendum sheet to see for any eleventh hour updates on the lots up for auction and ask a member of the firm team on whether you would like to pre-register to bid.
  • Collect a listing so you’ll follow the auction and you’ll also raise it if you would like to bid.
  • If you’ve got any questions or need guidance, our team is happy to assist and assist.

Proxy Bid

If you can’t attend the auction, you’ll prefer to bid by proxy.

  • To organise a proxy bid, you would like to finish the Proxy Bid Form which authorises firm to act for you and bid on your behalf up to your maximum amount.
  • Bidding remains made incrementally because the auction progresses, and therefore the auctioneer won’t automatically offer your maximum amount to undertake and obtain the property at the simplest price for you.
  • If you authorise a maximum bid of £100,000, and within the auction room you’ve got the ultimate bid at £90,000, as long as this is often above the reserve price, you’ll have won the property below your maximum amount.

Telephone Bid

If you’re unable to attend face to face , but are available during the time of the auction, you’ll prefer to bid by telephone.

  • To organise a telephone bid, you’ll got to complete a Telephone Bid Form and make sure you are contactable during the duration of the auction.
  • A member of the team will call you before the lot you’re curious about comes up, they’re going to repeat the auctioneer’s words to you and you’ll tell the team member what proportion you would like to bid.

Internet Bidding

For certain auctions, it are often arranged for you to form bids via internet. it’s a replacement service being trialled and is merely offered at a limited number of our auctions. Please enquire with the firm team before the auction and that they will advise you extra .

Do attend the preview

you ought to attend the preview to examine the products albeit you’ve seen photos in an auction catalog. confirm it’s possible (and won’t cost too much) to repair damaged pieces. Make note of box lot numbers and contents if you’re getting to bid on them.

Do set a maximum you’re willing to spend

Set your limit for every item of interest, then stick with it. It’s only too easy to urge trapped in auction fever and bid much more than you intended. If you doubt your willpower, attend with a lover so you’ll keep one another accountable.

Do double-check box lot contents

It’s not unprecedented for unscrupulous bidders to modify the contents from box to box. Check on the morning of the auction if the official preview happened on a preceding day.

Make peace

Respect the agent, and that they will respect you. Remember, seller’s agents don’t want you to spend quite you’ll afford. If you’ve got to interrupt the contract, the seller loses the sale, the important realtor loses their commission and you’re faced with penalties.

If you’re serious about the property, it’s going to be an honest idea to introduce yourself to the agent and auctioneer before the bidding begins.

Put on your game face

It’s natural to be nervous but try to not let it show. Avoid standing at the rear and position yourself where you’ll see the competition. Some people say a confident stare at the proper time can psych out your competition.

Dress well and speak assertively. you recognize the old saying dress for success? It can offer you the additional edge you would like .

Pre-register and obtain a bidding number

  • Most auctions today require that anyone meaning to bid be pre-registered with the auctioneer and assigned a bidding number. This bidding number is typically written on a card that the bidder can hold into the air, signifying to the auctioneer of the intent to bid. The registration is on-site.
  • If you are doing not register and receive a bidder number you’ll not be allowed to bid.
  • While allowing a touch of privacy for bidders, it enables being recognized as a bidder by the auctioneer.
  • The auctioneer will announce the amount of the winning bidder along side the winning amount.


  • If you’re only curious about a specific item at a “roaming” auction, it’d be worth some time to closely inspect that item before the auctioneer steps over thereto so as to open bidding.
  • The terms and conditions of the sale should be read thoroughly by you. Sometimes the seller is permitted to bid via the auctioneer; if this is often something that you simply do not like , you ought to remember at the beginning . Usually this right is merely used when bidding is slow and therefore the auction price is well below worth and reserve price.
  • Try getting to a couple of auctions just to observe the show and obtain the hang of things.
  • once you make a bid is basically up to you. It does add your favor, however, to form an early bid in order that the auctioneer knows to observe for your interest in making further bids.


  • Vendors usually have a right to withdraw items from sale up to and through the auction proceedings. this suggests that an item are often withdrawn from sale if the auctioneer considers that a good price isn’t getting to be reached. this is often referred to as “passed in”. However, negotiations can continue privately with the very best bidders, so you’ll still be in with an opportunity .
  • aren’t getting over excited with the bidding. it’s easy to urge so bound up within the spirit of things that you simply may end up wondering how or why you purchased that pile of used dog bones.
  • don’t sort through baskets of things attempting to make your “special” lot of goodies. The auctioneer who knows his business will know what went on and should become irritated. or maybe jump that lot until his assistants have re-sorted things back the way they were intended to be sold. tousled goods tend to be put out of the auction.
The Best Ways To Bid At An Auction

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