The Best Ways To Deposit Cash With USAA

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Online checking accounts, like those offered by USAA, come with tons of advantages. they have lower fees, your bank is open 24/7, and you can do everything online or together with your mobile – everything but deposit cash. While you’ll take an image of a check to deposit it digitally, you cannot do this with cash. If you’ve got a USAA account, you have to use a deposit-taking ATM to deposit cash. If there’s not one near you, search for other options.

Use the USAA ATM locator website

USAA features a number of locations nationwide where you’ll manage your USAA accounts, primarily using an ATM. Click on “ATMs and Locations” under the “Help” menu to urge started.

  • By default the map shows all USAA locations nationwide. you’ll concentrate and out on the map.
  • Clicking on a dot on the map brings up specific information that location and therefore the services available there.

Deposit your cash

If you reside in a neighborhood where a cash deposit-taking ATM is nearby, you’ve got a comparatively easy thanks to deposit cash with USAA. These ATMs will take up to 30 bills at a time, and do not require any deposit slips or envelopes.

Double-check that the machine counted your cash correctly, and keep your receipt.

Follow abreast of your deposit

  • counting on the situation where you made your deposit, there could also be a hold on your funds. There should be information on your receipt telling you when your funds are going to be available.
  • Check your USAA account within 24 hours to form sure your deposit is accurately reflected in your account.

Make your initial deposit

consistent with USAA, you want to make your initial deposit at the time you open your account. you can’t mail in your initial deposit at a later date. If you’ve got an existing checking account , you’ll transfer funds from the account once you complete your online application. you’ll also fund your account employing a advance from any USAA mastercard or from a non-USAA MasterCard.

Transfer funds from your bank

you’ll link your USAA account to the other checking account and transfer funds once you want.

Mail in your deposit

USAA offers free prepaid envelopes to customers for deposits. USAA credits deposits the day it receives them.

Deposit employing a advance

like your initial deposit, you’ll make a deposit at any time to your USAA account employing a advance from any USAA mastercard or any non-USAA MasterCard.

Purchase a postal order

you’ll buy money orders at post offices, Western Union, and a few grocery stores and discount stores, like Walmart. Some places might not issue money orders for quite $1,000, so if you’ve got a bigger amount of money , you would possibly got to get quite one.

you will have to pay a fee to urge your postal order issued, but it’s always no quite a few of dollars. The US mail only charges 45 cents for military money orders.
A postal order is treated a bit like a check. Since you’re depositing the cash order into your own account, list yourself because the recipient. You’ll also fill out your information and sign because the purchaser of the cash order.

Maintain another account for cash deposits

If you have already got a bank account at a brick-and-mortar bank, you’ll deposit your cash into that account then transfer the cash to your USAA account. This typically is not the easiest or most effective thanks to deposit cash with USAA.

  • While USAA doesn’t charge any fees for incoming transfers, the opposite bank may charge a fee to initiate the transfer. determine what proportion the transfer goes to cost you before you open an account, especially if you are going to possess frequent cash deposits.
  • Hold times are another thing to stay in mind. Using this method may mean your funds aren’t available in your USAA account for several days.
The Best Ways To Deposit Cash With USAA

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