How to Make an Enema

Here you can get information about How to Make an Enema. You may need an enema if you affect frequent constipation or to treat bowel conditions, help detoxify, or prep for bowel surgery.

If you’ve talked together with your doctor and decided that an enema would assist you, you’ll safely mix an answer which will assist you comfortably pass stool. All you would like is salt, warm water, and clean supplies.

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Saline Solution

  • 2 teaspoons (11 g) of table salt
  • 4 cups (0.95 L) of tap or distilled water
  • 2 to 6 teaspoons (9.9 to 29.6 ml) of glycerin, optional
  • Prescription medication, if recommended

Makes 4 cups (0.95 L) of saline solution

Mixing a Saline Solution Enema

  • Pour 4 cups (0.95 L) of warm water into an outsized clean bottle. Find a sterile bottle that’s large enough to carry the water and pour 4 cups (0.95 L) of warm water directly into it.
    • To sterilize the bottle, boil it in water for five minutes or run it through your dishwasher on the most well liked setting.
    • Although water is safe to use, you’ll also use water .
    • The water should be comfortably warm, somewhere between 98 and 104 °F (37 and 40 °C).
  • Add 2 teaspoons (11 g) of salt to the bottle. Use a measuring spoon to drop the salt right into the bottle with the nice and cozy water. it is vital to not eyeball the quantity of salt or the answer won’t be the right strength.

Warning: you ought to never prepare a saline enema using Epsom salts. this will cause an extreme magnesium imbalance in your body which may be fatal.

  • Seal the bottle shut and shake it until the salt dissolves. make sure the cap is screwed on tightly so no water leaks and vigorously shake the bottle until you see the salt dissolve within the water. this could take around 30 seconds.
    • The saline are going to be clear since there’s little or no salt as compared to the water.
  • Pour the recommended amount of warm saline into the enema bag. Your doctor should tell you ways much saline to use, but adults, generally , will got to pour 2 cups (470 ml) of the answer into the bag.
    • Kids between the ages of 6 and 12 should get 1 1⁄2 cups (350 ml) of saline while children between the ages of two and 6 should use 3⁄4 cup (180 ml).

Variation: rather than employing a saline , you’ll use pure oil which can soften the stool and lubricate your colon. Purchase a 4.5 fl oz (130 ml) bottle or pour that quantity into the enema bag. If the enema is for a child between 2 and 6 years old, use half that quantity .

  • Put glycerin or prescription medication into the enema bag if your doctor recommends it. For an additional laxative effect, your doctor might recommend adding 2 to six teaspoons (9.9 to 29.6 ml) of glycerin or prescription medication to treat bowel conditions, like inflammatory bowel disease or colitis .
    • Follow your doctor’s prescription when adding these medications to an enema. you’ll got to hold them longer or take them at specific times of the day.

How to administer an enema

Here are step-by-step instructions to securely administering an enema to yourself:

  • Drink a glass of water or two in order that you don’t become dehydrated.
  • If possible, have a clean, empty bathtub during which you’ll use the enema. If a bathtub isn’t available, lay a clean towel on the ground .
  • Fill an enema bag with the soap or salt solution or with pure mineral oil.
  • Clamp the bag shut so that there’s no leakage.
  • Point the hose part down and slightly release the clamp in order that excess air is released. this is often important because air injected into the colon can cause gas, bloating, and nausea.
  • Put the bag on the side of the bathtub where it can drain and you’ll see what proportion fluid is left.
  • Use a secure lubricant to form the tube easier and easier to insert.
  • lie and lift your knees to the extent of your chest.
  • Gently and slowly insert the tube into your rectum, relaxing your muscles and allowing your anus to obtrude in order that it enters more easily. Only insert the tube up to four inches into your rectum.
  • Give the fluid time to empty into your rectum. Take slow, deep breaths and relax until the bag empties.
  • Gently take the tube out of your rectum.
  • get up slowly and attend the rest room directly if you are feeling the necessity to possess a movement .

Medical alternatives

It’s always recommended to possess a doctor administer an enema or use alternative treatments to assist loosen stool, treat long-term constipation, or cleanse harmful bacteria from your gut.

Here are a couple of alternative treatments a doctor might use rather than a standard enema:

  • Laxatives like bisacodyl can stimulate a movement .
  • Medications like mesalamine (Rowasa) can treat people that have an inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD) or colitis .
  • Probiotic enemas can help modify your gut bacteria and stop or treat digestive issues or disorders.
  • Foley balloon enemasTrusted Source open up the rectum and lower colon to assist bowel movements move through the intestine.


  • If you don’t feel like making your own enema solution, you can purchase a prepared phosphate enema at your local pharmacy. Phosphate solutions are safe to use on children as long as you follow the manufacturer’s recommended dose.


It’s important to not use food products or home remedies, like milk, lemon, herbal tea, or coffee, for enemas since these can cause severe health problems.
Avoid doing a pure water enema since you would like the salt to tug water into your bowels. this may soften the stool so you are able to pass it.

How to Make an Enema

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